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15Aug 2022
  As the end of summer nears, August is the perfect time to tidy those flower beds after the crazy summer of growth. Even tough the summer is drawing to an end, now is not the time to ...
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08Aug 2022
Give your Wardrobe A New Lease Of Life By Giving It A Lick Of Paint  Top ...
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28Apr 2022
Click the links below to listen Link 1: ...
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22Oct 2021
Protect your home this winter by taking these simple steps A Burglar will always go for a house that looks easy to break into. If your home looks difficult to enter the chances are ...
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31Aug 2021
Today we want to talk about some Safety measures when doing DIY at home. We all love to do some home improvements from time to time, however, DIY can involve using some tools that can be quite ...
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09Aug 2021
When painting your home, it can be a love/hate relationship. We’ve put together some expert tips to help make your paint job last longer, so you won’t have to worry about paint for years to come!   ...
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