Hints & Tips

18Dec 2020
As many of you will have had the daunting task of getting the Christmas tree down from the attic, we’re sure every time you get up there the thought “ I must get up ...
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03Dec 2020
As winter has set in, our plants and flowers are now feeling the effects. Many of us are still working from home and the garden provides an oasis to relax and unwind. We have put together some tips to ...
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02Nov 2020
HOW TO PREVENT CONDENSATION Condensation is most common from damp that can appear in your home and can cause structural damage to...
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09Oct 2020
As the cold weather is slowly creeping in, so are spiders into our homes. Many of you have been experiencing some strange black droplets that are left behind by our crawly friends, and were shocked ...
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02Oct 2020
As the dark nights are creeping in, most people are finding ways to reduce their energy bills. We have put together some helpful tips below. Washing machine and dishwasher Most of the energy ...
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