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01Aug 2019
  As the end of summer nears, August is the perfect time to tidy those flower beds after the crazy summer of growth. Even tough the summer is drawing to an end, now is not the time to ...
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26Jun 2019
Typically most people opt for brown or green to perk up their garden fence but remember your fence can be as vibrant and colourful as you’d like! Don’t be afraid of...
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17Jun 2019
During hot weather, hanging baskets are one of the first to suffer as the compost dries out leaving straggly wilted plants! It is recommended that you water your ...
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07May 2019
Wooden decking can become very weathered and worn after a rough Winter Season of wind, rain, hail, snow and all of the above. In order to keep your decking in good nick, it will need a spruce up. The bad weather damages the wood ...
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22Apr 2019
Ants are just an annoying presence in your home and are hard little pests to eliminate. In the summer months in particular ant colony numbers swell rapidly. Hence why you are seeing more and more ...
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21Apr 2019

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