Ants are just an annoying presence in your home and are hard little pests
to eliminate. In the summer months in particular ant colony numbers swell
rapidly. Hence why you are seeing more and more as the temperature

1. To solve your ant problem you firstly need to find the ants you can’t
see to eliminate the ones you can. This is because the Queen, the one who
lays all the eggs never leaves her nest! She is being feed by the workers
(The ants you see) and continues to just reproduce more ants. So its best
not to try and just kill the ants you can see because the Queen will just
keep making more!

2. Ants that come into your home are seeking food to take back to their
nest. Whilst doing this ants leave a trail behind for fellow worker ants to
follow to collect more food, the trail is naked to the human eye and can
only be smelt by other ants.

3. Instead of eliminating the worker ants, use them! Keep your eye on where
the ants are coming from and try to figure out where their trail is. Place
bait along the trail, the workers will bring the bait back to the nest
eventually killing her and future populations.

4. Be Patient, although you think the bait is back at the nest it could
take several days to eliminate the whole colony.

5. Don’t make it easy for the ants to return. Keep foods sealed and
surfaces free from left over foods. Ants are tiny creatures and can enter
homes through minute cracks and crevices. To minimise this, seal around
windows and doors and all cable, pipe and wire entry points.

At Expert Hardware we have all you need to eliminate and prevent ants
coming into your home. For more information call into your nearest Expert
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