Now is the perfect opportunity to check your home for damage and make any repairs before the cold arrives. We have put together a list of suggestions to help ensure your home is ready and safe for the winter months. 

  1. Inspect your roof for any damage: Regular inspections will help you catch smaller issues before they escalate. Keep a good eye out for small cracks and holes. Take appropriate measures to patch these up. Ask in store for advice on which products to use.
  2. Ensure your chimney is intact – If you are lucky enough to enjoy the glow of an open fire, make sure you check your chimney for cracks. We have lost of products in store to ensure your chimney can operate correctly and you can continue to enjoy the warmth all winter long.
  3. Check for cracks, holes and splits to your exterior walls- Cracks can form over the summer months due to heat and precipitation. Easily fill all cracks with ready-made masonry filler. Ask a member of staff which product suits your project best. It is essential to catch these minor defects before they become more costly.
  4. Fill gaps around windows and doors – You would be surprised at how a small crack can quickly cool down your home. Install a draught excluder at the bottom of your hall door and fill any gaps with silicone.

 All products needed to carry out these jobs are available in our stores nationwide.