Typically most people opt for brown or green to perk up their garden fence
but remember your fence can be as vibrant and colourful as you’d like!

Don’t be afraid of a splash of colour, make a statement in your garden. Use
this opportunity to have the garden you have always dreamed of.

Small Garden …… Not a problem!

If you are short on space in your garden use your fence to your advantage.
Planters can be hung from fence posts or you can get creative and build a
makeshift shelve for pots to sit on. You can paint these also to get the
impact of the colour you’ve always wanted.

It’s really easy to attach some birdhouse to your fence. This will attract
wildlife to your garden with out the need for plants.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself in your garden, a lot can be added to a
simple garden fence to bring it alive. Think outside the box!