A lot of people are itching to get out into the garden come February. But
as we live in Ireland and our weather is very unpredictable at the moment
raging from burst of sunshine to blast of frost, there are limits to what
we can do in our gardens.

We have some Hints & Tips below for anyone who is keen to get an
early start

– Turnover the soil if the weather is dry (Top tip – If the soil sticks to
your boots it’s to early for digging)

– Buy your choice of seeds to sow (Available at your local Expert Hardware

– Net fruit and veg crops to keep the birds off

– Prune winter flowering shrubs that have finished flowering

– Divide bulbs such as snowdrops, and plant those that need planting in

– Tidy up and renovate those over grown hedges

– Cut back those grasses left uncut over the winter

Sow Seeds

On a sunny windowsill indoors or in a heated greenhouse, we can now start
to sow some seeds listed below. Selected stores would stock a range of seed
trays and soil to assist you in your preparation.

– Celery

– Onions

– Leeks

– Lettuce

– Tomatoes

– Peppers / Chilli Peppers

Top tip:
Make sure you have your seed trays in a prominent sunny spot. The relative
lack of light (due to shorter days this time of year) can cause problems
for seedlings. The tiny seedlings strain to reach the light and can end up
getting to long as a result.

Leave the seeds in their trays until they are ready to be harvested to your
garden middle of March.

For more information call into your local Expert Hardware store