• The best time to plant Tomatoes is in late spring and early Summer
  • Pick a prime, sunny spot to grow your tomatoes
  • Tomatoes need at least 6 to 8 hours of sun to bring out their best flavours
  • If growing in containers, you’ll need at least an 18- 24inch pot
  • Be sure to fill containers with premium quality potting mix for best growth (Available in selected stores)
  • To grow a really strong tomato plant, we recommend burying two-thirds of the stem when planting. This crucial step will allow the plant to sprout roots along the buried stem, so your plant will be stronger and better able to find water in a drought.
  • Immediately after planting, water seedlings. Mixing in Tomato Food (Available in your local Expert Hardware store) to enhance the growth of your tomato plant.

Water regularly, aiming for at least an inch of moisture per week (through rain or watering), more in the summer time.

Feel the soil, if the top inch is dry it’s time to water.

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