We have put together simple steps to assist you planting your flowering bulbs this Autumn.

1.Coming into Autumn it’s the perfect time to plant these hardy bulbs. They love cold winter temperatures, but they need to be planted before the soil gets too hard.

2. Planting these bulbs in the garden, you’ll need to find a good spot. Find somewhere that will be exposed to sunlight as this is another thing bulbs love – sunlight.

3. It’s important to prepare the soil before planting. These bulbs are great as they grow in most types of soil, so loosen the soil and make sure to remove rocks and weeds before you plant.

4. Be sure the area where you’re planting has good drainage as the bulb won’t grow too well in
waterlogged soil.

5. We recommend adding compost to your loosened soil.

6. Know which way up to plant your bulb so that the roots can grow in the right direction. i.e. plant them with the pointy side up. (if they’re teardrop shaped)

7. Dig a hole deep enough to plant your bulb, and once positioned the right way, fill the hole back up!

8. Planting bulbs in Autumn is great because you can forget about them until spring. They’ll start popping up when the weather turns warmer.

After about 2 -3 years of your bulb growing, it will be time to plant new bulbs.

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