How To Prevent Mice & Rats Coming

Into Your Home

As the nights are getting colder, there’s nothing more we want to do than
to cosy up with a blanket on the sofa while escaping the elements.

Unfortunately, mice are thinking the same thing, and as the temperature
drops they’ll be attempting to come indoors in search of food, warmth &

We have put together some helpful tips to keep your house rodent free!!

Do An Autumn Deep Clean 
Mice are drawn into homes with the promise of food. A deep clean of all the
food cupboards will get rid of those crumbs that are attracting mice in the
first place.

Keep Food Stored In Air Tight Containers 
Foods like cereals or pasta are usually kept in bags. Invest in some
airtight containers to prevent mice scurrying in your cupboards and
sniffing out your breakfast.

Put Your Wheelie Bin Far Away From Your Home
As you can imagine Mice can smell left over dinner in your wheelie bin,
then naturally migrate indoors. If you keep your rubbish away from your
house, they are less likely to take up residence in your home.

Try Ultrasonic Sound
These devices such as PestClear are chemical free and environmentally
friendly. They work by using powerful ultrasound signal specifically
targeted at mice and rats and are totally automated. Just plug them in and
areas behind walls, in ceiling space, attics and other areas of your home
where rats & mice may live and breed will be filled with a signal
designed to scare mice & rats. These devices are available in Expert
Hardware Stores Nationwide.

For more information drop into your Local Expert Hardware Store.