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11Oct 2018
How To Prevent Mice & Rats Coming Into Your Home As the nights are getting colder, there’s nothing more we...
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27Sep 2018
The basic facts: Carbon monoxide (also known by its chemical symbol, CO) is a highly poisonous gas It has no colour, no smell and no taste and is often called ‘the silent killer’ When ...
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21Sep 2018
To compare different light bulbs, you need to know about lumens. Lumens, not watts, tell you how bright a light bulb is, no matter the type of bulb. The more lumens the brighter the light. ...
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12Sep 2018
As Autumn has arrived so have the cold nights and the reality of our energy bills hiking up has set in. There are lots of ways to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. We have put together some of the top tips to ...
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