Hints & Tips

18Dec 2019
During Winter many animals like to hibernate indoors. As rats and mice are small they can squeeze through tiny openings and enter your home to keep warm.        We have put together a list of precautions you can take to help ...
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09Dec 2019
Christmas is a time for giving, receiving and TAKING!!!! As we know Christmas is the perfect time for a thief to enter your home as we stock our houses with the latest electrical goods, jewellery ...
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14Nov 2019
Now is the perfect opportunity to check your home for damage and make any repairs before the cold arrives. We have put together a list of suggestions to help ensure your home is ready and ...
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16Sep 2019
Before painting you will need to prepare your skirting boards. If your skirting boards are already painted you will need to thoroughly clean and sand the surface. ...
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