Painting your home can be stressful enough without the added pressure of deciding what paint brush to use.

We’ve just made it easy for you!

Below are a list of paint brushes available and the desired finish explained.

Masonry Brushes

This is a long bristled brush and firm in texture. This paint brush is perfect for using on exterior painted brick work or render.


 Synthetic Brushes

This brush has a smooth texture which makes it easier to achieve an even finish and makes cutting in really easy. This brush is perfect for all water based interior finishes.


Natural Bristle Brush

This brush has more of a rough texture to it. These types of brushes work best with traditional solvent based paints on furniture and wood. As this paint brush tends to swell in water based paints, it makes it hard to be precise with them.


Cutting In Brush

This is the perfect brush for getting into the edge between the walls, ceilings and skirting boards etc.


For more information on what paint brush suits your project, call into your local Expert Hardware store TODAY.