Hardwood flooring is a dream of many planning to invest in their own home. But are they worth the hassle? True, it’s a timeless look and the property value will get significantly higher, but are you ready for dealing with the constant wear and tear issues? 

Hardwood floor pros


There can be no debate about the classic and cosy look of hardwood flooring. So many look into buying older homes mainly driven by the beautiful hardwood floor that give out elegance and warmth that no other flooring can match. 


With the right care and a complete refinishing every 10 years or so, these floors can serve a few generations and then some. 


Hardwood floors are relatively easy to maintain, with frequent sweeping and mopping you shouldn’t run into any problems. 


It would be hard to imagine an interior design that hardwood floors couldn’t match. Somehow it manages to blend in and complement even the trickiest looks while no tile or carpet can achieve the same. 

Allergen reducer

Hardwood flooring is the preferred option for those suffering from allergies and respiratory problems as it doesn’t collect dust and other allergens like carpets would. 

Hardwood floor cons


Hardwood flooring doesn’t come easy and it can really set you back financially. Installation can vary from €20 – €40 per ㎡. This price can differ depending on the type of wood and shape you choose. Keeping this in mind, it is also worth mentioning that it will provide a return of investment. 

Scratches and gouges

Be prepared to see some minor scratches and gouges as these are inevitable, but good news is that it can usually be quickly fixed and refinished. 

Moisture damage

This is quite a serious problem if you let it be. In the event of spilling water or leaks, especially on an already damaged hardwood floor make sure to clean the liquid immediately otherwise you could be looking at a much more expensive issue. 


No, you’re not in a horror movie – the weather changed and you have hardwood floors so creaks and squeaks are completely normal as the wood expands and shrinks in quick change of temperature. 

Hard on pets

Hardwood floors can be easily scratched by claws which will require regular fixing. It can also be quite slippery and hard on older dogs who will struggle to get a grip when standing up. 

To sum this all up – hardwood flooring can be an amazing investment as it will add value to your home as well as last a lifetime and more, and that’s just to add to the elegant and cosy look. Although before signing up you should really ask yourself if you will have the time and means to regularly refinish the wood and if it’s the right choice for your home. There are some cheaper alternatives that look quite alike and require less maintenance.