During hot weather, hanging baskets are one of the first to suffer as the
compost dries out leaving straggly wilted plants!

It is recommended that you water your baskets twice a day in summer – one
in early morning and one in the evening when the sun is gone down.

TOP TIP – Never water plants in the full glare of midday sun, as this can
cause the leaves to suffer unsightly leaf burn!!

Plants won’t take long to wilt if you forget to water, even just for a day!

If the compost has dried out to the point the water is coming through the
basket immediately, you’ll need to take down the basket and dunk it into a
bucket of water. Leaving it there until the compost is really wet again,
hopefully the plant should pick up if they haven’t totally dried out.

Once the compost is really wet again, add a couple of handfuls of new
compost and some plant food granules to the surface, water again and
rehang. Also try give wilted plants a trim if the look like they can be
saved, with the right care some baskets will recover.