Take a look at our checklist of what you need to start your Spring Clean:


  • Change the oil in your Lawnmower, tighten bolts and blades sharpened. (See in selected Expert Hardware stores)
  • Inspect your gardening tools.
  • Sharpen your tools.
  • Spray the metal parts with WD-40 or similar to lubricate them.


  • Assess your lawn’s health.
  • Purchase test kits for soil testing.
  • Lime, treat moss and, finally, reseed as needed.
  • Fertilize your lawn.
  • Get rid of weeds as they sprout.
  • Consult with Expert Hardware in your area for dealing with persistent pests


  • Remove mulch over the course of several days, exposing the soil gradually.
  • Till or spade soil 6 to 12 inches deep.
  • Mix in compost, peat moss and fertilizer for plants or vegetables.
  • Rake the soil level to smooth out low spots.

Seeding and Planting

  • Choose neighboring vegetables carefully.
  • Plant some perennial vegetables right in your rich new soil.
  • Later in the month seed or set out hardier vegetables.
  • Be sure the seedlings get lots of light.
  • Plant fruit trees and berries (from late March into April).
  • Set out or plant new roses and cool-loving flowers.