Since the temperature in Ireland has soared to the high 20’s low 30’s, it is vital we look after our gardens that we have worked so hard trying to perfect.

The best way to protect your garden from the hot weather is to water them regularly. Put your plants and garden on a water schedule, that’s right a water schedule! This way you are guaranteed the best results.

The best time to water your plants and garden is in the early morning or late evening. If you water during the day, most of the water will be evaporated from the sun.

When watering plants by hand, make sure that the water absorbs into the soil and that you are not just watering the leaves / vegetation. Many plant diseases need 2 things to survive: Moisture and heat. Since you can’t do anything about the hot weather, make sure that you keep the leaves and vegetation as dry as possible.

Top 5 plants that strive in the heat:

– Beans

– Tomatoes

– Peppers

– Cucumber

– Melons

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