As winter has set in, our plants and flowers are now feeling the
effects. Many of us are still working from home and the garden provides an oasis to relax and unwind. We have put together some tips to help keep your garden looking tidy and ready for the warmer months to return.

Keep Weeding: The growth of weeds will slow down, but they will spring up
again next year if you don’t catch them now. Dig up as many as you can
before the ground becomes too hard.

Get Pruning: While most shrubs and trees lay dormant, now is the time to
start pruning them slightly. This gives them a good neat base when they
start to flourish in early spring.

Add Mulch: Adding Mulch will keep root temperatures stable.

Water: Now is the time to water before the predicted freeze comes! It
allows plants to take up moisture before the ground is too cold and
prevents water from reaching the root zone.

Add Compost: This keeps the necessary nutrients in the soil.

Bring in House plants: Water them sparingly and keep away from drafts.
House plants do not actively grow in winter.

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