Lawn Care

Next, allow more air into the grass and alleviate it’s compaction by spiking the law with a lawn aerator or using a garden fork and stabbing it down about 8-10cm. 

If you have very dry, sandy or chalky soil it could also be beneficial to top dress the lawn with a very thin layer of top dressing (anything more could kill your lawn.)


Your gardening goal in September is to prolong the colour of flowering plants as much as possible and to plant the next spring growth. Continue to deadhead and feed summer bedding plants. It’s also a good time to cut down any perennials that have finished flowering and feed the soils with compost. 

If some of your perennials have grown into wide clumps (like crocosmias, euphorbias) divide them into smaller clumps – regular dividing will encourage better flowering next year. 

It is also the perfect time to plant your autumn and spring bedding plants which will take over once the summer colour fades. 

Trees & Shrubs

Autumn is the time for planting trees, especially evergreens, so take your chance if that was in your wishlist! Once you have your new trees planted make sure to stake them as they’ll need that additional support when those strong autumn winds come along. We suggest staking the young trees at an angle when possible as it will allow it to move while still supporting it, which will promote strong trunk growth. 

You should give your  fast growing shrubs one last trim before winter. If you have roses or other climbers and plan on adding or swapping the frame we advise doing it in autumn as it is much easier to do when the plant has reached the end of its growing season. 

Clear fallen leaves

Constantly clearing leaves off your lawn might be a frustrating task, but trust us  –  if left for too long, the leaves will reduce the light your lawn is receiving and will result in yellow patches! Simply dedicate 10 minutes each week and you will be happy you did when your lawn is lush green all year round! 

When it comes to gardening in August, it’s all about the preparation. It can be hard to put in the work since you most likely won’t see the benefits till next spring, but if you put in at least a small bit of effort in September/October, your garden will thank you later! 

Looking for help on how to prepare your garden for winter? Visit your local Expert Hardware store and ask for help, we pride ourselves in a highly trained staff and generations of knowledge passed down.

Ask the experts – we know!