Our lovely feline friends have many great qualities and some are helpful for our well looked-after gardens like keeping pests like mice and rabbits away, however they can also destroy it by digging holes (and leaving unpleasant deposits), chewing plants and creating cosy napping spots. 

And although nothing can guarantee to keep our friends out of the garden, there are still some safe ways we can discourage them from getting in. 

Non-toxic cat repellent ideas

  1. Add smelly plants

Just as there are smells that attract cats there are also smells that drive them away. Flowers with strong aroma such as lavender, Russian sage and citronella will be unpleasant for your feline and hopefully repel them.

2. Create a wall of thorn bushes

A wall of thorny rose bushes might not keep your cat out of the garden, but it might help to keep away the neighbourhood cats that like to come by for a visit. These bushes aren’t too difficult to look after but it will make the cats think twice before going in!

3. Motion sprinklers

This solution might not be accessible for everyone, but if possible motion sprinklers would keep the furry friends away and your plants would get hydrated as a plus. The only drawback is that you might forget to turn it off going outside and get a nice shower yourself!

4. Use Ground Textures That Cat Dislike

Cats enjoy walking on soil and grass to walk on as they have soft paws and those surfaces won’t cause any pain. Create an unpleasant surface for cat paws to walk on such as pinecones or pebbles. These methods will also help to prevent them from digging holes in your garden.

Note: make sure the surface cover you choose will not cause any real hurt or damage to cats paws.

5. Cat Garden

A lovely private garden area might fully satisfy your cat and make them forget about your beautiful flower beds completely. Choose a semi-shaded spot, add some grass clippings and even plant some safe, edible plants like cat grass, catmint and pansies. 

Another option is to install a small sandbox which will lure your cat as it’s comfy to lay in and fun to dig. 

When trying to find ways to keep cats out of your garden it’s important to consider the safety of your methods. No matter how annoying it might be to see your plants destroyed – no one wants to hurt an innocent animal that simply doesn’t understand they’re doing anything wrong.

If you need help and advise on how to keep your garden safe simply pop in to your local Expert Hardware!