During Winter many animals like to hibernate indoors. As rats and mice are
small they can squeeze through tiny openings and enter your home to keep warm.        We have put together a list of precautions you can take to help prevent them entering in the first place!

Be mindful
– Although it is virtually impossible to keep all areas of the kitchen
squeaky clean, be mindful leaving food lying around. Even crumbs will
entice rodents inside.

– Check all walls, windows, doors even drains. Tiny gaps and cracks are
ideal places for rodents to enter. Seal up any gaps with caulk, available
at your Local Expert Hardware store.

– Believe it or not leaves, twigs, branches and general garden debris,
provide ideal nests for pests. Clear away any debris that may be in your
garden. A good clearance of the garden will not only feel fresh but your
garden will be ready for Christmas guests.

– Although rodents are looking for food they also need water. Leaks in
bathrooms, attics can provide a vital supply of water. So make sure you
patch up any leaks in the house. Ours stores have a variety of products to
assist you.

Try Ultrasonic Sound
– These devices such as PestClear are chemical free and environmentally
friendly. They work by using powerful ultrasound signal specifically
targeted at mice and rats and are totally automated. Just plug them in and
areas behind walls, in ceiling space, attics and other areas of your home
where rats & mice may live and breed will be filled with a signal
designed to scare mice & rats.

These devices are available in Expert Hardware Stores Nationwide.