Christmas is a time for giving, receiving and TAKING!!!!

As we know Christmas is the perfect time for a thief to enter your home
as we stock our houses with the latest electrical goods, jewellery and must
have accessories before the big day. We have put together a list of
precautions you can take to prevent a thief entering your home.

1. Dispose Of Packing Carefully – Make sure to put your rubbish out just
before they are due to be collected. Take the time to fold boxes so they do
not advertise the new contents of your home.

2. Deterring A Thief – Invest in a motion sensor outdoor lighting or even
outdoor Christmas lights. This will make approaching your home a little bit
more difficult.

3. Christmas Lighting – When it comes to outdoor lighting a common mistake
made by most people is to feed the extension lead through practically
opened windows. When it comes to outdoor lighting, opt for solar or battery
operated lights or install outdoor sockets.

4. Check Windows And Doors For Weak Spots – Statistics show 30% of
burglaries happen through windows. Installing new window hinges or window
locks this, will minimise the risk.

5. Secure Sheds – Make sure your tools and ladders that could be used to
force an entry into your home are not left in plain sight. Garden sheds are
often high targets for tools and bikes.

6. Don’t Hide Keys – The most common mistake people do is hide keys under
plant pots or rocks in the garden, thieves are well aware of this tack
tick. Instead give a spare key to family or a neighbour.

7. Away Over The Christmas – If you are heading away over the Christmas
consider asking a neighbour to park their car in your garden, to help
create an impression you are home. Invest in timer sockets and set them for
a time in the evening, this helps give the illusion someone is home at

8. Smart Home Security – Another great idea, invest in a Smart Home security system. This means you have access to your home 24/7 at the touch of a button. Call into your local Expert Hardware store for more information.

All our stores have a selection of products to make your home safe this