When painting your home, it can be a love/hate relationship. We’ve put together some expert tips to help make your paint job last longer, so you won’t have to worry about paint for years to come!


Don’t Paint Over Problem Walls

  • If your walls have holes or cracks, fix them before you start with the paint.
  • Wide cracks and large holes can be filled with a light weight filler that will not shrink or crack.

Get Painting

  • A coat of primer is key to getting great results.

Primer serves three main functions:

  • It blocks stains and resinous knots from bleeding through
  • It provides one-coat coverage for the paint topcoat
  • Most importantly, it improves adhesion, which greatly reduces blisters and extends the life of the topcoat.

TIP: Tint the primer toward the finished color by mixing a small amount of topcoat paint into the primer.

  • When painting rooms, forget the ladder and get an extension pole for your paint roller. Extension poles come in various sizes, but one that extends from about 18” to 36”  offers plenty of reach for painting rooms with ceilings that are 9 ft or lower.
  • After painting a room, it’s important to keep track of the brand name and colour of the paint used, so you can buy more when it comes to touch-up or when you want to repaint the room.

Your local Expert Hardware store are experts in their field. They can guide you to the best products for the job along with the best advice.

Visit your local Expert Hardware and talk to our experts about the best paint to choose for your DIY job. Many of our stores offer a paint mixing service.